About Raja for Children

Raja for Children formerly known as Friends of Juba Orphanage (FJO) is a group of volunteers who began supporting the orphanage in 2006. Founders Ellie Sworo and Sienna Wedderburn began the initiative with the Annual School Fundraiser, and were joined by Rose Tulba, Jenn Warren and other supporters in 2009. Friends of Juba Orphanage found renewed strength in 2012 through the dedication and creative fundraising of Awak Bior and Francesca Marzatico.

Many of us supporting the orphanage in different ways have come together and tried to coordinate our well-intentioned efforts. Whilst some have now left Juba, they continue to support the Juba Orphanage from afar. Thanks to Juba’s yoga teachers, Leyla, Ingrid, Esther and Seishelle, for donating class fees towards the Juba Orphanage’s Annual School Fundraiser over the years, to Akuja of Festival for Fashion & Arts for Peace (FFAP) for guiding the girls through their difficult teenage years, and to Jenn for creating and maintaining the website.

Also special thanks to Dorothee St. Germain, founder of African Children’s Services, for dedicating years of service to the children at Juba Orphanage before the founding of FJO.

If you would like to volunteer your time or donate to the orphanage, note that funds can be earmarked for particular purposes and the Friends of Juba Orphanage will faithfully carry out the donor’s wishes. Contact us for more information.

All photos and information on the website is approved by the Juba Orphanage Director, Abdul Wajo.

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