After-School Tutoring

The Juba Orphanage Library was fully completed and furnished in 2014. The children have been using it every day after school to study and complete their homework, as well as on weekends to read and do arts activities with Friends of the Juba Orphanage volunteers.

Beginning with a modest amount of funds in 2011, the Friends of Juba Orphanage also started the After-School Tutoring project, which successfully ran every year until mid-2016. Two tutors would come every afternoon, Monday through Saturday, to assist the children with their homework and examination preparation.

Unfortunately due to the renewed violence in Juba and skyrocketing exchange rate (official rate USD $1 = SSP 57.5, market rate in Juba USD $1 = SSP 70), the Library is in need of repairs and renovations and FJO has not been able to continue after-school tutoring in 2016.

All remaining funds from the annual School Fees drive are put towards After-School Tutoring, to continue paying the tutors and supply stationary and curriculum books such that the children can continue to make great progress in school. Your continued support will help us ensure that not only do all the children attend school with their peers, but also that they excel with the help of after school tutoring.



All photos and information on the website is approved by the Juba Orphanage Director, Abdul Wajo.

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