In Memoriam: Abdul Wajo

Abdul Wajo, Juba Orphanage Director

It is with deep sadness that we share the passing of Abdul Wajo Liji, Supervisor of the Juba Orphanage and Senior Inspector at the South Sudan Central Equatoria State Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare. Abdul Wajo passed away in early May 2020.

Abdul dedicated his life to serving the children at Juba Orphanage Home, where he became a father to many. He began working with the Orphanage Home of Juba in 1988, where he started as a social worker, and in 2002 he was promoted to Director of the Orphanage. As Director, Abdul’s primary goal has to work on the reunification programme, helping to connect orphaned children with their families and integrate them back into society.

Abdul never married, and instead chose to turn his love to the Orphanage, treating every child there as his own. The impact of his care and compassion for the children who live at Juba Orphanage Home, and young adults who moved on to become successful in their own right, will last for years to come. He was a selfless man worthy of great celebration. We send our heartfelt condolences to Abdul’s family, and his many children at the Orphanage.

If you would like to support Abdul’s family, contribute to his Celebration of Life at the Juba Orphanage (when it is safe to do so given COVID-19 protocols) or help his family set up his final resting place – please make a donation via M-Gurush (or cash) in South Sudan, M-Pesa in Kenya, or Paypal internationally. Every bit helps during this very difficult time.

M-Gurush: +211916672386 (FJO Admin Assistant, Sadia Grace)
M-Pesa: +254705227711 (FJO Board Member, Sienna Dutkowski)



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