Pressing Needs

What are the most pressing needs at the orphanage?

There are a number of projects listed on this website, but Friends of Juba Orphanage would like to bring attention to a few pressing issues.

The orphanage is understaffed, leaving older children to care for the younger ones. The orphanage is home to one disabled child who is not getting the care they so desperately need.

In addition to our annual fundraising drive for school fees for 2022, the Friends of Juba Orphanage seeks to provide counselling services for all the children (in light of the COVID-19 pandemic), reinstate after-school tutoring sessions, build a security guard house and reinforce the front gate.

If you would like to donate to the orphanage, note that funds can be earmarked for particular purposes and the Friends of Juba Orphanage will faithfully carry out the donor’s wishes. Contact us for more information.