School Fees Project

We are now accepting donations for the 2022 school year, for more than 65 children. Juba Orphanage has bank accounts for direct donations in both SSP and USD.

For $200 USD (or 120,000 SSP), you can sponsor a Juba Orphanage student for a full year of schooling. In 2021, we were able to pay for learning materials, school books, uniforms and shoes.

The School Fees Project is an annual fundraiser of Raja for Children to send all the children living in the orphanage to school, including at the secondary level. Generous donations from private donors such as, Terina Ann (US based), UNMISS individuals, UN FAO individuals, and IFAD, make it possible to send Juba Orphanage learners to school last year, while also providing stationary, school bags and school uniforms. Any remaining funds after children are enrolled, school supplies, shoes and uniforms are purchased, go towards providing after-school tutoring in the Orphanage Library for the children.

However in 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and high exchange rate, we unfortunately did not have enough funds to support after-school tutoring. To donate towards the Juba Orphanage children’s school fees or after-school tutoring, please click here. Your support will help us ensure that all the children attend school with their peers, as well as excel with the help of after-school tutoring.

Thank you!

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