School Fees Project

We are now accepting donations for the 2017 school year, in order to continue our support to new arrivals who moved to Juba during the current crisis. Funds can be earmarked for anything you wish to support. Juba Orphanage has bank accounts for direct donations in both SSP and USD.

The School Fees Project is an annual fundraiser of the Friends of Juba Orphanage to send all the children living in the orphanage to school, including at the secondary level.

Generous donations from Logali House, Shakti Shanti and private donors, as well as investments from local businesses in Juba, make it possible to send Juba Orphanage learners to school, while also providing stationary, school bags and school uniforms. Any remaining funds after children are enrolled, school supplies, shoes and uniforms are purchased, go towards providing after school tutoring in the Orphanage Library for the children.



All photos and information on the website is approved by the Juba Orphanage Director, Abdul Wajo.

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