Vision, Mission and Values

Raja for Children formerly known as Friends of Juba Orphanage has the following Vision, Mission and Values:

Vision: All children without supportive family structures in South Sudan have their basic needs met and have access to quality education, security and health care.

Mission: Ensure every needy child is reached and has access to all their basic needs, including but not limited to, education, health, shelter, food and clothing.


  • Integrity. We are committed to always follow ethical principles on child welfare to improve the lives of needy children.
  • Loyalty. Furthermore we are committed to being consistent and devoted to improving the lives of needy children.
  • Inspiration. It is our commitment to inspire the children of the Juba Orphanage to become active and prosperous citizens in South Sudan’s society.
  • Achievement. We will work hard to achievement our goals and objectives and show tangible results.
  • Trustworthiness. Being trustworthy is one of our key values, to ensure that we manage funds entrusted to us and channel them solely for the well being of the children. Furthermore, we aim to ensure that all supporters, volunteers and Friends of Juba Orphanage honor international child protection standards, for the well being of the children.