Security Gate and Guardhouse

The Juba Orphanage property hasn’t been secure for quite a long time. Passersby used to frequently cut across the property looking for a shorter route from one main road to another, and also came to collect water at all times of the day. With the number of young children and teenage girls living at the orphanage, this was not a safe environment. Friends of Juba Orphanage, with support from private donors in the US and South Sudan, raised funds for razorwire to line the entire perimeter fence.

Though the razorwire fencing project was successful, security is still a concern at Juba Orphanage and not yet complete. The main entrance gate to the orphanage is not well constructed, and anyone can enter in at any time, putting the children’s safety at risk. We need a proper security gate and guardhouse to be constructed, and a security company to monitor the visitors coming into the orphanage. Raja for Children is currently looking for construction companies to support in this endeavor so we can complete the project at cost.