The ROOTS Project

The ROOTS Project supports the Orphanage Home of Juba through vocational training sessions with their skilled workers, teaching older girls and boys how to create traditional arts and crafts.

The ROOTS Project is a South Sudanese non-governmental and non-profit organization, which was established in June 2009 to empower communities through the preservation and production of traditional arts and crafts. Products include beading and jewelry making, pottery, embroidery, leather works, and decorative customary household items. The recently constructed ROOTS Project Center is located in Nimra Talata, Juba, and comprises a workshop, an office a retail shop and a children’s facilities. The Centre employs over 50 women from various tribes including women associated with armed forces many of whom shoulder the responsibility of supporting their families. In addition to providing a safe working environment, the Project seeks to build confidence and advance the skills of its workers through consistent skills development, health education, numeracy and literacy classes. Email for more information.

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