Shakti Shanti Yoga Wear

Shakti Shanti Yoga Wear contributes significant proceeds from their sales in Juba to the annual Sponsor a Student project. Thank you! The Shakti Shanti Quality Yoga Wear range has been specifically designed to ensure pure comfort at all times as well as having firm built-in support, making it undeniably the choice for every woman, seeking to commemorate her true individuality. Shakti Shanti Quality Yoga Wear is an All South African Made Product, even the cotton is grown on our soil. We respect the integrity of all people and the environment with whom we are connected and act with care towards them. We are thus, as much as possible, environmentally friendly and make use of materials which come naturally from the earth. We behave honestly in all interactions: financial, material, emotional and spiritual. We bring care and wisdom to our conduct and avoid all forms of exploitation, and everyone involved in the processes of making a Shakti Shanti garment is well renumerated and has quality time to spend with their family.

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